Mondale Mondays

Ready for a chilled-out start to your week? Say hello to Mondale Mondays – all cask ale pints for just £3.95 each! It’s our way of bringing you fantastic cask ales, laid-back vibes, and easy, tasty food that’ll have you licking your fingers. Let’s make Mondays something to look forward to!

We’re all about the brews that make you go “Mmm!” We take pride in offering a rotating selection of fresh and flavorful cask ales. No snobbery here, just good ol’ pints that’ll put a smile on your face. From light and refreshing to rich and robust.

Every Monday, we’re offering all cask ale pints for just £3.95 each! It’s your chance to explore new flavours, catch up with friends, and discover your next go-to brew.

It’s all about kicking back, sipping on unbeatable, well-maintained cask ales, and enjoying easy, tasty food that’ll leave you satisfied. Book your table for Monday or pop in! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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